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Review by Joe Williams “Kick-Ass 2 Lacks the Punch of Th

In response to Joe Williams’s 419‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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In the review entitled “Superhero spoof ‘Kick-Ass 2’ lacks the punch of the original” by Joe Williams, the reader is left wanting. Wanting an opinion. Wanting an aggressive statement. Wanting anything than the lifeless road kill the reader was forced to pass along on his highway journey to find a good review.

This review is entirely summary. If you were unfamiliar with the plot, you can read this review and have every character and every major plot point divulged with little to no underlying relevant message.

The length of this summary is entirely too long. The summary presented could have easily been accomplished in several sentences. Instead readers are forced to continue to witness the painful, last wheezing breathes of this review long after its grown unbearable.

However insentient the guts of this review may be, the overall presentation remained intact. The article was easily accessed and well organized visually. The quality of writing was also nothing to argue with, as coherent thoughts were linked with sufficient amounts of descriptive adjectives. The style was bearable intertwined with an average value of writing.

In summation, this review was void of all active opinion. The actual lifeblood within this text ceased to flow within the first few lines. Its only redeeming characteristics remain within the physical encasing of the article, hiding the lifeless carcass of summary inside it.    

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