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Rene Rodriguez Leads an Aikido Class of the Mind in “Nebraska”

In response to Rene Rodriguez’s 493‑word review of Nebraska on Miami Herald

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Reviews are not always meant to simply inform the reader. There are times when an awesome review allows   for cinema mediation. The latest piece from Rene Rodiguez, “Nebraska,” is not exactly a classic R-Rod work, but it does let one turn down the noise in their life and reflect on the power of talkies.

The prose of Rodriguez’s Nebraska oozes peace and calmness. One may feel the fury of Dern through the dynamic header image, but the writing of the critic is almost like an Aikido class of the mind that can transport the reader to a special place.

Rodriguez covers the essentials at the start of Nebraska by addressing director Alexander Payne, cinematographer Phedon Papamichael and dropping a moving thesis statement on the reader. The suspense is rich and Nolan-like.

The critique of Rodriguez’s Nebraska is not incredibly deep, but the emotion may leave one speechless for two to four hours. Rodriguez only offers a small dose of thoughts on the leads, but brings to light all the glory of Alexander Payne’s techniques. When the critic states that “he loves people no matter their flaws,” one may shut down plans for the rest of the day to reflect on the experience.

Rodriguez’s Nebraska is all about mood, and Rene Rodriguez does a fine job of letting the reader be consumed by the written word.    

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