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Adam Ross’s “THE COUNSELLOR REVIEW” Wins, but Warily

In response to Adam Ross’s 821‑word review of The Counselor on The Aristocrat

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A war has never been won on a warning shot… until now. From the opening passage, one can see that “THE COUNSELLOR REVIEW” by Adam Ross is a strategic, yet vastly lopsided assault on an over-matched opponent.

Great generals never underestimate their enemy, and Ross seems to operate with this mantra in mind. Despite what appears to be a simple task ahead of him, he carefully plans his approach, analogies, accusations, and anecdotes accounting for even the most unexpected of counterarguments. He then readies his arsenal, shuts down all escape routes, and with the target squarely in sight, captures it, pins it down and dissects it like a frog in a biology lab. Indeed, this approach proves incredibly successful in securing victory. And it provides an additional benefit: it enlightens the audience should they encounter a similar enemy in the future.

That’s not to say Ross’s approach isn’t without its flaws. While the results speak for themselves and the elaboration comprehensive, too much of anything can be counterproductive and even undermine the work as a whole. Extended diatribes on any subject, no matter how poignant, tend to tire the reader, ultimately causing their attention to wane. This will occur with some frequency as readers traverse this text.

Still, the end result cannot be disputed. A victory is a victory, no matter how ugly. And audiences will cherish this one long after the final shot has been fired.    

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