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Kristian Harloff’’s “Thor: The Dark World Review” Is Much Ado About Loki

In response to Kristian Harloff’s video review of Thor: The Dark World on Schmoes Know

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Kristian Harlow and Mark Ellis’s “Thor : The Dark World” is a smorgasbord of information served up pleasantly for all to partake.

Kristian Harloff and fellow Schmoe Mark Ellis open up with a topical Miley Cyrus joke and a standard run of the mill hammer which was likely previously used to provide Mr. Ed with something of an honorable death.

The two critics just seem to awkwardly agree with one another throughout the course of their nigh seven minute review. Based on the level of frothy nerdiness of the two characters one can assume that there were probably all manner of whooshes and other Sci-Fi related onomatopoeia’s edited out of the final version of the review in order to retain some semblance of professionalism.

All of that aside it’s a pretty in depth review even going as far as to talk about the particular director and how his aesthetic compared and contrasted to the last director of a Thor film. These two clearly know cinema, so much so that a great deal of trivial information doesn’t just creep in, it kicks down the door with firecrackers in both hands.

If you still aren’t sold on the film by the time these two are done chances are superhero films aren’t your thing. You will get comparisons to other Sci-Fi greats as well as comparisons to other comic book film. A good review that spends a lot of time in different places but still manages to entertain. This one’s definitely worth a look.    

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