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Elvis Lives in Claudia Puig’s “Nebraska States”

In response to Claudia Puig’s 593‑word review of Nebraska on USA Today

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Prepare yourself for a zen-like meditation on the human heart. Claudia Puig’s “Nebraska states its case beautifully, brilliantly” is a “Love Me Tender” ode to the film. Even Elvis Presley couldn’t convey such emotion.

Nebraska states is by no means a Hall of Fame effort. Puig transitions quickly from point to point, however her elaborate constructions of sweet phrasings make the reading worthwhile. The usage of the word “cantankerous” may lead many to holler out “Say what?!“ Such wordplay makes the reading a jolly good time, but also touches both sides of the brain.

One will find peace in the reflections on the lead character Woody and the performance of Bruce Dern. Puig’s words bring the reader into the story, and her pacing makes the experience easy on the mind.  Nebraska states is a candle-light reading that should be experiences with a fine wine.

The flaws of the Nebraska states are troubling, such as the single line afforded to co-star Will Forte, and the surprisingly boring plot summary. Somehow Puig brings it all together, but she definitely could have taken the work to another level.

Nebraska states is a respectable composition, and one should schedule a time in their busy day for a reading.    

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