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Sam Weisberg’s “End Product” Is a 3 AM Scribble Devoid of Critique

In response to Sam Weisberg’s 382‑word review of The Counselor on Village Voice

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What exactly is film criticism these days? A saucy open and stylish descriptions of characters?

Sam Weisberg must have received wrong information about getting a free pass because the critic’s work can hardly be called “work.” The epic title must be an attempt to make up for the weak content. It’s all for you, reader. It is “The Counselor is a Cumbersome End Product of a High-Minded Writer Slumming It and A Director Searching For Depth.”

Weisberg gives a bit of effort in the opening sentence of End Product by repeating the title but adding “cosmic.”

The writing of Weisberg is excellent, and he delivers a potent amount of sass, however the critic’s mastery of the keystroke is not an excuse to wave the white flag of criticism and completely give up on the audience.

One should read End Product twice to fully appreciate the lack of effort given by Weisberg. It certainly won’t take very long.

The concept of criticism takes a back seat in End Product, and Weisberg instead decides to make a brief commentary on the all the latest styles of the cast.

Every devastatingly bad review has to rely on the Cameron Diaz windshield sex, which the critic references in the close. Weisberg even compares Cameron Diaz to Sophia Loren which may be the most offensive part of the review.

It would be a real challenge to enjoy the unbelievably weak effort that is End Product.    

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