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The Scotsman’s “Film Review: The World’s End” Stays Afloat

In response to the 273‑word review of The World's End on Scotsman

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The Scotsman’s “Film review: The World’s End” may seem dainty with only 273 words but don’t let its length fool you. This review sets its sight on clarity above all else, and is all the more powerful because of it.

With only two paragraphs to read, this review is an exercise in minimums. The Scotsman doesn’t reveal every single detail of the plot. Hell, the Scotsman doesn’t even delve deep into the characters themselves. It follows a skeletal recipe: a basic setup with enough information to give the audience a general guide to the film.

The review gives a personal opinion as well which is carefully woven in with the rest of the review.  Though its short length could have made this a challenge,  the anonymous Scotsman scribe accomplishes it nicely, achieving a careful balance.

The review is surprisingly thought provoking, touching on a variety of aspects of the film with interesting questions constantly being raised. The interactive aspect was unexpected but extremely satisfying. This just goes to show that it’s not about how much one writes, but about how well one writes.

Its ability to constantly inform and challenge the audience is the anchor that keeps it from blowing away into the inconsequential abyss with the typical short reviews that lack substance.

It manages to hold its own against more meaty reviews on the same topic.  The Scotsman ends with a humorous, yet somewhat serious question that will resonate with readers long after the review is over.    

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