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Dann Gire’s “Nostalgia a Killer for Guys at ’World’s End’” Valiantly Fails

In response to Dann Gire’s 516‑word review of The World's End on Daily Herald (IL)

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Dann Gire’s “Nostalgia a killer for guys at ‘World’s End‘” really is a valiant effort to introduce something new to its genre, but in the end, its shortcomings far outpace its ingenuity.

Upon first beholding the review, one is inundated with (two) pop-up advertisements requiring the reader’s attention. This is fairly common of newspapers-cum-websites and would not be so damming to the review save for the first-person, anti-marketing diatribe the reviewer hypocritical launches toward the film’s distributors.

Granted, the reviewer is engaging in an anti-spoiler diatribe, which is a noble cause, except he ends up giving the same reveal in his review that he was condemning. To be fair, he does warn readers to stop reading if the film has not already been spoiled for them. Still, this does not save the piece.

Gire only gives a weak conditional recommendation and rates the film on a vague star scale (there is no spoiler of how many stars there are overall on the scale). This leaves the reader unsatisfied and wanting.

Due to the main focus of the piece being a vendetta lodged at the distribution house (Gire devotes roughly a quarter of his words to it) and the rest being timid at best, the reader should avoid Gire’s treatment of The World’s End.    

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