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Robbie Collin’s “Catching Fire, Review” Will Leave Readers Hungry

In response to Robbie Collin’s 613‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Daily Telegraph

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To quote a popular Temple of the Dog song from the 1990s: “I’m going hungry.” That’s what readers will be saying after reading the unfortunately slight “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, review” by Robbie Collin. Although the review is good enough to whet the appetite, it is too slight to satiate readers’ hunger for in-depth criticism.

Catching Fire, review is a whirling dervish, throwing plot summary and accompanying critique at the reader at a frantic pace. The skeleton of a really good review is there, but there isn’t enough meat on its bones. Collin obviously knows his subject and feels strongly about it, but his efforts at translating his enthusiasm into words are just too rushed, and as a result falls a bit flat.

Still, for readers with a deficit of time on their hands, Catching Fire, review might be just what the doctor ordered. It gives just enough of an impression of the film to help tip the scales for someone who may be on the fence about whether or not to watch it. And really, isn’t that sometimes all that a reader is looking for?

For those with a big appetite for film criticism, though, Collin’s efforts fall just short of being satisfying. Like trying to fill up on hors d’ouevres, it only works if you’re just slightly peckish.    

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