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David Blaustein’s Critique Suffers Due to J-Law in “Satisfying Sequel”

In response to David Blaustein’s 512‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on ABC News Radio

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“It’s really this simple,” writes David Blaustein at the beginning of “Review: Is Hunger Games: Catching Fire a Satisfying Sequel?,” and his review is actually quite simple. The critic expresses the power of Jennifer Lawrence, but fails to deliver a comprehensive work for a film he awarded four-and-a-half stars.

Satisfying Sequel is mildly successful due to Blaustein’s ability to make a clear point. However, he seems content to toss everything else aside without producing any original thoughts on the full scope of the film. The simple truth is that Blausten states that he “can write” about the direction and cinematography, but he doesn’t. The absence of a complete analysis will lead many readers to sulk during dinner-time conversations and could possibly even extend to Thanksgiving.

Blaustein offers a couple paragraphs of summary in Satisfying Sequel, and delivers a fine description of an emotional J-Law scene to help the reader understand the enormity of Lawrence’s performance. It’s a moving moment in the tiny critique, but Blaustein is unable to expand beyond that one scene.

The concluding paragraph of Satisfying Sequel provides a few lines of critique, which are enjoyable, but not necessarily groundbreaking as one typically expects to find a healthy amount of critique from a film critic. The writing is dynamic throughout, however Blaustein’s focus on summary over analysis is frustrating.

Satisfying Sequel is a satisfying read, but the work doesn’t quite live up to the hype placed on the film.    

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