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Rebecca Murray’s “Fire Movie” Will Result in Worldwide Braingasms

In response to Rebecca Murray’s 966‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on

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No J-Law? None? Rebecca Murray dishes out the knowledge in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie Review,” but surprisingly has nothing to say about the lead actress. Perhaps Jennifer Lawrence is becoming so good that critics will begin to leave her out of future reviews.

Murray’s structure and writing is beautiful in Fire Movie.  The literary context is set for the reader, and the critic tactically marches on like a Rommel of Reviewers. The introductory  paragraph is tight and a clear statement is made. The overall crafting will undoubtedly lead to multiple braingasms worldwide.

Fire Movie will be remembered not only for BGs, but for the intense devotion to supporting characters. Murray delivers an all-out assault of analysis, and one can only imagine the fury of her fingers while typing.

Unfortunately, Jennifer Lawrence is tossed aside despite a heavy amount of Katniss. The critic affords each actor a strong amount of thought, so the J-Law absence is indeed odd.

The final three paragraphs of Fire Review get down to business, and Murray ends the review with classy thoughts on the direction of Francis Lawrence. One might create a Spotify Playlist due to inspiration from the exquisite writing.

Fire Review succeeds without J-Law, which is a testament to the outstanding writing acumen of Rebecca Murray.    

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