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Jordan Hoffman’s “‘The Counselor’ Review” Is a Brutal, Violent Epic

In response to Jordan Hoffman’s 866‑word review of The Counselor on ScreenCrush

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Not everyone is going to love Jordan Hoffman’s “‘The Counselor’ Review.”

His take on the Cormac McCarthy-penned The Counselor is as brutal as one of McCarthy’s blood-soaked novels. He eviscerates the film, hacking away at its overabundance of dialogue and blowing holes in its underabundance of logical sense.

It’s not an easy read. It’s kind of like watching your favorite uncle go to jail for selling Oxycontin to local high school kids. It’s pretty embarrassing, and you don’t know whether to root for your uncle or the cops putting him away. Probably the cops, but that feels like a betrayal.

Similarly, it may feel like a betrayal to stand by and watch as the much-beloved McCarthy’s script is wadded up and set aflame. What makes it hurt the most, though, is that Hoffman provides a pretty damn convincing argument for doing so.

It’s not likely that many people will walk away from “‘The Counselor’ Review” feeling good about themselves and full of hope and sunshine.  That’s not what a good review is for, though. A good review is for revealing the truth, no matter how hard it may be to take it. By that criterion, Hoffman’s review is a complete success.    

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