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Lori Hoffman’s “Intensity Upgrade in Catching Fire” Is Warmed Over

In response to Lori Hoffman’s 488‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Atlantic City Weekly

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Lori Hoffman’s review of the latest entry in the juggernaut young adult series, “Intensity Upgrade in ‘Catching Fire,’” is a review in name only.

Readers will be hard pressed to find anything here that could qualify as critique, even using the most liberal interpretation of the word. Hoffman spends her time synopsizing and recapping the plot and, in so doing, betrays the bond between critic and reader.

Catching Fire reads like an unabashed advertisement for the film. Hoffman appears excited that the “seeds of the growing rebellion are planted” (this is a theme she revisits ad nauseam), but not a word is said about the script, the actor’s performances, the pacing, the production design, or the direction.

In fact, the only little crumb of criticism thrown at starving fans is that the “intensity level explodes” in this sequel (something readers could have gathered without even going past the title).

How does a critic write a review of a film and forget to review it? This complete lack of critique is either pure ignorance as to the definition of critical literature or simply an unforgivable act of laziness.

Either way, it’s nothing more than you’d find on the back of a DVD and isn’t worth the time.    

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