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Genevieve Koski’s “Catching Fire” Defines Criticism

In response to Genevieve Koski’s 1196‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on The Dissolve

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Lovers of film critique, pop open the bubbly.

Website The Dissolve is doing some of the best film criticism on the planet right now, valiantly fighting the tide of laziness that has washed over the industry and rightfully earning a place at the table with the greats.

They’ve assembled an incredible group of writers, and Genevieve Koski is no exception. Her “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” is the very definition of great critique.

It’s high minded and lengthy, two ingredients which often dissolve into pomposity, but Koski’s deft pen never lets that happen. This is just erudite, scholarly review with the chops to back it up.

The prose is gorgeously composed and an absolute marvel to witness. Koski limns the film with the care of a painter, illuminating its beauty with lithe imagery and expert turns of phrase.

Even at 1196 words, this one flies by. There’s not a extraneous word to be found and Koski uses her space wisely.

The ensemble cast is especially given time to steep in critique, but Koski touches all the bases, hitting on Francis Lawrence’s “fleet” direction, the “flat out gorgeous” production design, and the pacing, which “looks and moves better than its predecessor.”

This is near perfection, folks. Get to it now.    

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