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Jim Judy’s Review of “The Wolf of Wall Street” Is a Long and Winding Road

In response to Jim Judy’s 1256‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Screen It!

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Jim Judy’s review of “The Wolf of Wall Street” takes a long time to say not terribly much.

Indeed, he’d do well to take the advice he offers director Martin Scorsese concerning his film, i. e. Judy should trim his review and get to his point quicker. The review gets underway with  roughly 300 words of plot summary, distractingly separated out in its own sub-section of the review. This plot summary goes into unnecessary detail and could have been cut and folded down into the main review.

The actual reviewing of “The Wolf of Wall Street” doesn’t start till nearly 700 words into the review. Judy gives some interesting real-world context for the film but does so at the expense of the analysis.

Judy’s either getting metaphorical on us by employing in his review, the same excess he criticizes Scorsese’s film for featuring or is in dire need of an editor and web designer.

Judy’s review is not aided by the incredibly boring layout. These days, when it’s fairly easy to use web design templates to create a visually arresting webpage, it’s surprising to see a review as visually dull as this one. Looking at Judy’s review will make readers long for the distraction of a banner ad or two.    

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