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CJ Johnson’s “Prisoners” Succeeds Despite Use of “Yucky” and “Naughty”

In response to CJ Johnson’s 399‑word review of Prisoners on ABC Radio (Australia)

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CJ Johnson crafts an interesting piece of work with “Prisoners,” although the critic refrains from providing character analysis.

Johnson’s Prisoners begins with piercing words that might reach the soul of the reader. The use of the word “nasty” effectively offers a hook for the reader, and will cause one to wrinkle their brow and slowly move closer to the screen.

The critic makes a statement in the second paragraph of his Prisoners that is a bit strange: Johnson advises those with children that the film is not for them. One can appreciate the critic’s effort to look after his readers, however the opinion seems a bit extreme.

Johnson offers little plot summary or character analysis in his Prisoners, however the review succeeds overall by way of an outstanding commentary. Johnson’s poetic words command attention, and make one contemplate broader questions. The classic formula to an excellent review revolves around slowly guiding the reader from point to point, however Johnson takes a different approach and it’s refreshing. The critic remembers to show respect to the director and cinematographer, while offering up a unique personal viewpoint on the effectiveness of the film’s darker themes.

Johnson’s Prisoners isn’t a review that will blow your mind, however it is worthwhile.    

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