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James Berardinelli’s “‘Gravity’” Is Ill-Pitched and Exhausting

In response to James Berardinelli’s 978‑word review of Gravity on ReelViews

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James Berardinelli’s “‘Gravity’” does not maintain verisimilitude for the reader. While the beginning of this review is ho-hum, Berardinelli quickly falls into comparative movie purgatory.

Before ever reading the review, however, the reader may think it’s going to be one about McDonald’s iced coffee instead of Gravity. Unfortunately, this foreshadows Berardinelli’s lack of focus throughout the review.

This review does not even have a well-defined style or anything that stands out as being worthy of readership.  By the time the reader makes it Berardinelli’s trite comparison of Sandra Bullock’s character in Gravity character to Tom Hanks’ character in Castaway, the reader may experience that uncomfortable sensation of being either utterly lost or simply led in the wrong direction on purpose.

The reader spends so much precious time reading about Sandra Bullock as an actress (and not in direct relation to her Gravity role), it effectively removes the reader from being engaged with the review at all.

Just when the reader thinks Berardinelli might shift back into the movie being reviewed, or at least maintain correct grammar, he pathetically misquotes Ed Harris’ character from Apollo 13: “failure in not an option.” This is likely to prompt a “well, duh” from the reading audience.

Undeniably and in some ways indefinably, this review never captures the reader’s attention.    

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