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French’s “Kick-Ass 2—Review” Too Bitter to Swallow

In response to Philip French’s 238‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Observer [UK]

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Philip French’s “Kick-Ass 2—review” may take an extra moment to figure out. The opening sequence is confusing to say the least. French describes a situation to the audience but it ultimately just leaves the audience dumbfounded. Is he trying to be witty? Is he telling a joke? What is going on is not clear and one may be forced to reread the intro a few times over to catch what he was throwing. This reviewer did so, but with no success.

French gets to reviewing the movie and it starts to feels like everything is falling into place. Finally. Except French does all but expose key scenes in the film. And out of nowhere too! He doesn’t even bother to warn the reader. It’s just thrown in the middle and completely blindsides the reader.

French can write but he wastes his talent on confusing attempts of humor. The tone turns bitter quickly and can be off-putting.

Readers who want to read a review that is clear and without some MAJOR spoilers should just move right along. French completely misses the point here—maybe his bitterness was too strong for him this time around.    

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