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Gary Wolcott’s “‘Thort Of’ Good” Is a Cheesy Bit of Fluff

In response to Gary Wolcott’s 328‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Tri-City Herald

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“‘Thor: The Dark World’ is ‘Thort’ of Good,” critic Gary Wolcott’s offering on the new Marvel film, is like a Twinkie; it might taste light and fluffy going down, but it offers the nutritional value of a clump of dirt.

Wolcott sticks to his annoying habit of dry, declarative sentence after dry, declarative sentence, leaving readers with no reprieve from the monotony.

Wolcott tries to lighten things up with some groan-inducing puns, but it’s all crickets here. To his credit, he does acknowledge their awfulness, but can’t help indulging in them anyway.

The critique is mostly valid, but it’s slight. Wolcott devotes most of the review to recapping the plot, and when he does get to his analysis, it’s a disappointment. The film “doesn’t work to the point that the actors seem bored.” Of course, like every critic on the planet, he praises Tom “Hiddleston, whose Loki at least seems to be having some fun.”

The writing is clunky and doesn’t have enough verve to hold the reader’s interest, even for its short 328 words.

This is mediocre to middling at best, and, with 200 or so reviews out there for this flick, there’s no reason to needlessly suffer through this one.    

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