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Devin Faraci’s “PRISONERS Movie Review” Is Thoroughly Naturalistic

In response to Devin Faraci’s 955‑word review of Prisoners on Badass Digest

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Devin Faraci’s “PRISONERS Movie Review: A Twisty, Enthralling Mystery” describes the essential information—and then some. The review is presented on a webpage completely devoted to movies, just as Faraci commits to writing a review that thoroughly explores the procedural surface of Prisoners.

The review adequately expresses the primary reasons the movie is both good and bad, without pulling pretentious or otherwise distasteful punches. The review has more than several side-dishes of completely irrelevant information, such as the so-called fashion choice of Jake Gyllenhaal being the worst of the year, which feels like a rather odd tonal shift in an otherwise stylish review.

A few mild grammar mistakes salt-and-pepper the review, but Faraci knows how to write engaging content for a broad readership. He admirably re-contextualizes many of the film’s elements, and he doesn’t get fobbed by verbosity. It’s a review that isn’t afraid to take its time to play out, but definitely plays a bit longer than it needs to.

What readers miss with Faraci’s review is thematic information that some potential movie watchers rely on to make an informed decision. With a little more—and a little less—this review would be a masterpiece, but as is, it’s only very good.    

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