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“Gravity” by Ben Sachs Will Put One Into Witness-Protection

In response to Ben Sachs’s 131‑word review of Gravity on Chicago Reader

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Ben Sachs will confuse loyal fans and the general public with the horrifically weak offering that is “Gravity.” The 131-word paragraph will feel like a punch in the face to the some, and a complete waste of time to others. There is nothing to be gained from the review, and the very existence of the critic’s offering is upsetting.

The first problem with the review is the ugly appearance. “Gravity Review” looks like someone used an actual typewriter and taped the paper to the screen. The picture is tiny (although can be enlarged), and there is an absence of video for the reader to enjoy. Sachs shows little interest in this regard, and unfortunately it only gets worse.

Approximately fifteen-percent of the review is devoted to a quote about the great F. W. Murnau’s “Faust”, which is an insightful way to begin the common review, but not this one. The nod to film history seems pointless since Sachs refuses to expand. Why not show the reader a tiny bit of respect and perhaps show a little effort?

“Gravity Review” shows a lack of care for the reader and fails to convey the essence of the opening quote. It offers little and tries even less.    

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