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Graham Young Reviews the Trailer in “Nebraska (15)”

In response to Graham Young’s 302‑word review of Nebraska on Birmingham Post

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There is little evidence that Graham Young has actually seen Nebraska based on his latest grouping of words called “Nebraska (15).” The critic’s work could be accomplished by anybody with access to a trailer and the understanding of a Google search. The poor quality of the review is a red flag for international film criticism.

Young begins Nebraska (15) without making a statement on Alexander Payne’s latest film, but rather comparing his work to British director Mike Leigh. Similarities? Well, they work with great actors. Let that swirl around in your head, readers.

What ensues in Nebraska (15) is a plot summary and a description of the lead character Woody played by Bruce Dern. The film also notes that the film was shot in black and white, which is a perfect opportunity for Young to produce a tiny bit of criticism. One also learns of “insights into old age, pearls of wisdom and gags galore.”

Nebraska (15) is a review that truly makes one wonder if Graham Young saw the film or just needed to get a review online. There is nothing offered that couldn’t be learned from watching a trailer online, and the references to Leigh are simply an easy way to make a statement on Payne himself, but not the actual film.    

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