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David Edwards’s “Big, Bloated” Works, but Not for Everyone

In response to David Edwards’s 344‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Daily Mirror [UK]

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David Edwards’s “The Hobbit 2 is big, bloated and bound to take a billion at the box office” is a light, breezy effort that works, but isn’t likely to make the Institute of Who Cares’ top ten list of film critique this year.

This is one of those reviews that thinks readers will tune out if two sentences were to follow one another without a paragraph break in between, and they might be right—this is the Daily Mirror.

As such, neither the critique nor the prose is particularly insightful and it obviously aims to please the masses by being as inconsequential as an article about Katy Perry’s Brazilian wax techniques.

Edwards does deserve kudos for one line at least: “But despite the improvements, the same niggle that plagues all of Jackson’s films since his breakout success…” which is not, as it sounds, a racial slur but is, in fact, a sly reference to another Tolkien story, Leaf by Niggle.

The prose is capable enough and even manages to surprise in a few places—Edwards is most likely a smart guy trying to work within the limitations of a tabloid.

So, this one could work for you—just don’t expect it to rewrite your worldview.    

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