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Steve Persall Delivers the Laughs in “Thor: The Dark World”

In response to Steve Persall’s 493‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Tampa Bay Times

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Rarely does a review make one genuinely laugh out loud, but Persall has pulled off that considerable feat in his “Review: ‘Thor: ‘How to upstage a superhero.”

The laughs come fast and furious as Persall writes a missive detailing the plight of the Thunder God in this latest Marvel offering. And the jokes aren’t just there to be funny, they are clever insights into some of the problems in the film. Namely, that Thor’s script keeps making Thor take a backseat to almost every other character, plot detail and even Anthony Hopkins’ eyepatch.

Persall also wittily uses this plot device to drive his other points, and the conceit works to perfection; Persall exposes flaws and instructs readers with such flair, you won’t even realize you’re learning.

The critic does let his jokey tone get in the way at times. For instance, in the midst of all the humor, Persall neglects to offer much analysis of the film itself, opting instead to focus almost entirely on the actor’s performances (and the aforementioned problems with the script).

Still, this is one effervescent read from one of the wittiest and best critics working today. You owe it to yourself to check it out.    

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