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“No Defying Gravity” by Kirk Baird Knows How to Please Audience

In response to Kirk Baird’s 899‑word review of Gravity on Toledo Blade

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Kirk Baird will please the masses with his latest highly-stylized creation called “There is no defying Gravity.”

The visual appearance of No Defying Gravity will cause some to tear up. The magnificent header image greets the reader, and pulls them into the review with grace.

No Defying Gravity opens up with three succinct paragraphs that could not be any more clear. One will immediately recognize Baird’s main point, and understand the who, what, why and where. In the world of modern reviews, some critics will stick with the short and sweet approach, not Baird—he delivers the goods with crisp phrasing, and slowly proceeds to expand with great intellect and amazing writing acumen.

Audiences will be pleased with Baird’s memorable wording, and how the critic is able to make the plot summary his own. In No Defying Gravity, certain words stand out from the rest, and the explanation of the opening scene is able to convey the intentions of the director Alfonso Cuaron. The critic refuses to just decribe situations, but explores deeper meanings and asks questions. It makes for an extremely enjoyable, and thoughful, reading experience.

Kirk Baird takes his time in No Defying Gravity, and is careful to provide the essential information along with outstanding analysis. The performances are examined thoughtfully, and the piercing insight is rich.

No Defying Gravity is essential reading. The superb writing of Kirk Baird, and the ability to connect will likely inspire other critics to pay closer attention to the needs of the audience.    

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