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Honesty and Ken Hanke Come Together in “Gravity (PG-13)”

In response to Ken Hanke’s 554‑word review of Gravity on Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)

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Do you wish you had a friend to tell you how it is? Ken Hanke is the friend of cinema that you’ve been looking for in his latest “Gravity (PG-13)”

The visual brilliance of (PG-13) must be noted immediately. Hanke inserts four dynamic images for his readers, and it’s like getting an extra gift at Christmas. “One more? How about another?” It could be too much for some, but it’s certainly a risk worth taking.

(PG-13) takes on a “All right, look, reader” vibe with the opening paragraph. Hanke has a strong opinion to get off his chest, and delivers it with a fair and balanced approach. He is careful not to be too offensive, and chooses wording that will drop a truth bomb on the reader, yet also make one reflect. This is a rare combination.

Hanke’s argument works because he addresses both sides of the argument. Rather than delivering a weak opening statement and bringing weak plot summary to the table, the critic is strong with his words, and knows how to back them up. It’s a thrilling read. By the end, one will feel satisfied with Hanke’s direct approach, and might even feel the need to follow the critic on Twitter.

(PG-13) talks the talk, and Hanke follows through with a memorable performance, both visually and verbally.    

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