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Ed Whitfield’s “LFF Review: Gravity” Is a Powerhouse in Presentation

In response to Ed Whitfield’s 547‑word review of Gravity on The Ooh Tray

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This review by Ed Whitfield titled “LFF Film Review: Gravity” is a presentational masterpiece. The look of this review must be commented upon first. Despite common lack of design or presentation coming as an afterthought, this review has placed the viewing pleasure of this read at its forefront. This review is a pleasure to feast your eyes upon!

The review looks pasted onto lined paper on top of an old, carved table. It gives a feeling of something worth reading. It is organized neatly and nicely with a beautiful element of someone tossing the page on the table and it just happened the land that way.

Delving into Whitfield’s LFF Review itself, reader’s are greeted in a similar, incandescent manner. The writing is structured in a way that creates an easy flow in and out of thought.

The writing tends to lean a little heavy on plot summary but the opinions, when shared, are honest. Interesting analogies are made to give the audience a better picture of the film as a whole. For example, in describing the simulated psychics of the film, Whitfield used Jurassic Park as a relevant comparison. Thus, giving the reader a better understanding of the cinematic majesty.

This review will please both the mind’s eye and the literal.    

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