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Mary Ann Gwinn Takes Submissive Approach to Smaug in “The Dragon”

In response to Mary Ann Gwinn’s 490‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Seattle Times

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Hey, “95 percent of the known world” will be getting their Smaug on according to Mary Ann Gwinn in the lightweight “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: Enter The Dragon.” The critic takes the submissive approach with her analysis and does just enough to get by.

Gwinn feels the need to say “I’ll be brief” in the opening of The Dragon? Why not just critique the film? The inability for critics to stick to their craft when it comes to franchises is mind-boggling.

Let’s look to the future: Jennifer Lawrence stars in Mockingjay, but hey, you know the drill, right?

The Dragon succeeds on a small level with the clearly labeled outline points. Unfortunately, one sentence of original thought on “Smaug, the dragon” and “Middle-earth” is not exactly fulfilling for the connoisseur soul. Gwinn states the obvious, and has a difficult time coming up with anything that might resemble serious film criticism. She’s just being brief for you though, reader.

Gwinn concludes The Dragon on a bright note with a hearty paragraph on moral justification, however the critic never once acknowledges director Peter Jackson by name, but rather “the filmmakers.” It’s a bit strange and will cause stress for many LOTR nerds.

Mary Ann Gwinn attempts to “help” the reader in The Dragon by stepping back from Smaug, but unfortunately she gets eaten up.    

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