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Niccum’s “‘Kick Ass 2’: Original Was Better…” Is Mundanetastic!

In response to Jon Niccum’s 720‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Kansas City Star

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 Jon Niccum ‘Kick Ass 2’: Original Was Better, but still a kick” is that rare breed of review that is so mediocre it will make readers realize that hitting all the right notes, in the right order, is almost an art form unto itself.  

Do not expect a lethal review of barbs, witty remarks, and film history. Niccum sticks to the classic “tell, don’t show” approach to reviewing which divulges just what you need to know about plot, history, main characters (with actor names in parentheses), etc. The occasionally-quoted dialogue does much of the heavy lifting.  

Niccum’s review finds joy in the new superheroes, likes Hit Girl a lot, and then discusses the three act structure of the film before making a banal assessment of its core weakness: that it is no more or less than good guys versus bad guys. It’s not that the conclusion is wrong, it’s just boring.

Like fast food, Original was better is tasty and empty. There’s not much more to it. No voice. No personality. No challenging of conventions. No in-depth assessment beside the uninspired exploration of his own enjoyment of Hit Girl. Reviews, even at their most mediocre, should still have a flavor beyond mediocrity.

Original was better suffers from average work: it answers the questions that it poses and does nothing more. It’s almost refreshing for its simplicity, but will be forgotten faster than you can say Hit Girl again.    

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