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Jules Brenner’s “Gravity” Is a Failure on All Fronts

In response to Jules Brenner’s 928‑word review of Gravity on Cinema Signals

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Jules Brenner’s “Gravity” is one step from being declared  a disaster site. If possible avoid this review at all cost, there are no redeeming qualities and you’ll likely come from the review wishing for brain bleach.

Brenner’s take on the film reads less like a review, and more like an opinion fluff piece with one too many slip-ups in the spoiler department. The writing feels overly redundant at best and just plain stilted. Drunken college essays would have been more pleasing than some of this carelessly assembled mess.

The writer seems to be trying to hold the audience’s attention long enough to complete her article, but seems to forget that the building block for any critique is a cogent argument. Sadly this article seems devoid of any argument altogether.

Cinema Signals should probably be called smoke signals. The site definitely saved some budget money by cutting some corners in the visual department. The setup makes Geocities  seem visually appealing in contrast. The only thing that could have made the site a bit more accessible would have been the inclusion of 8 bit characters so at least the audience would feel like the whole retro thing was intentional.

Brenner’s “Gravity” runs the critical gamut of no-nos. With spoilers aplenty, a plot synopsis that runs half the length of the review, and other useless filler.  Re-title this write-up “the anatomy of a critical failure” and call it a day.    

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