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Thelma Adams’s “REVIEW: … CATCHING FIRE” Is Brooding and Meditative

In response to Thelma Adams’s 1096‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on

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Thelma Adams’s “REVIEW: THE HUNGER GAMES CATCHING FIRE” is as much about Thelma Adams as it is about anything else. This should not be surprising for anyone familiar with Adams’s body of work. Her writing is personal to the extreme, often choosing to describe her movie-going experience rather than the movie she saw.  REVIEW: THE is no exception to this rule.

Adams’s does have an intriguing and unique premise here. Her work is an attempt to pull back the curtain on Catching Fire‘s hypocritical desire to have its cake and eat it too. She makes a decent case on how the film cynically denounces the same behavior it indulges in, and what impact this has on the audience (ok, maybe just on her).

The length of her review is a double edged-sword. It allows Adams to fully explore her unique premise without limiting herself to only that topic.  REVIEW: THE has grander ambitions. The problem is that it drags, and feels hollow. Her writing simply isn’t strong enough to carry readers along effortlessly for that long.

There is too much plot recap, and many nuances are painted over and taken for granted. Any attempt at humor is relegated to cheesy parenthetical asides (seriously, if something is worth saying, don’t put it in parentheses).

By the time the review enters it’s final stage, the movie itself has long been forgotten. Adams is somewhere else entirely, discussing red carpets and franchise merchandise. It’s probably all a little much for the casual reader. Fans of Adams know what they’re getting into, for the rest, it’s not your typical movie review reading experience.    

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