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Pejkovic’s “The World’s End” Is Too General and Tight-Lipped

In response to Matthew Pejkovic’s 412‑word review of The World's End on Matt's Movie Reviews

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Is The World’s End a big metaphor for freedom? Matt Pejkovic thinks so and he put together a pretty decent argument on the subject in his recently released review “The World’s End.” The review provides a snapshot of what the film is about and doesn’t spoil the events that are to take place in the film. However, the whole thing feels a bit half baked, rushed, and is scant on details.

The biggest problem with the review is that it skirts the surface too much and never goes beyond “so and so’s performances was good.” It’s as though Pejkovic assumes his readers have seen the movie so he no longer bears the burden of convincing them. There isn’t much in the way of an actual review and it feels like Pejkovic fears that if he says too much the movie will be spoiled. While this may be admirable, the review suffers from it as the whole affair comes out way too generalized. A better critic would avoid spoilers without making his intentions so obvious.

Affirmative and negative words are few and far between when not absent altogether, and the whole thing feels reigned in for the audience’s sake. Pejkovic never finds his true voice, and the production will disappoint more fans than it will please.    

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