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Stephen Lambrechts Knocks It Out of Orbit With “Gravity Review”

In response to Stephen Lambrechts’s 984‑word review of Gravity on Neon Maniacs

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Before Stephen Lambrechts’s “Gravity Review” even begins, readers are hit with a dazzling, high-resolution picture of an astronaut in distress. It is a striking image, and sets the tone for what is itself a strikingly well-written review.

Lambrecht goes hot and heavy on the praise for Gravity right off the bat, likening Cuarón to some of the most well-known and well-regarded directors of modern times and gushing about his prowess. He then spends the second paragraph only lightly touching upon the plot, enough to give the faintest idea of what it’s about but not so much as to veer into any sort of spoiler territory. It is refreshing for a review this long to not get caught up in needless recap.

The layout of the review is a real gem as well. It is visually attractive without overwhelming the text. Images from the film are scattered throughout and enhance the experience where in lesser hands they would mostly just get in the way.

It has been an embarrassment of riches lately for readers looking for quality Gravity reviews, but Lambrechts’s “Gravity Review” is a cut above the rest. Marrying quality writing to a strong layout, the review is a must-read for anyone with an interest in the subject.    

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