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Matt Patches’s “Journey” Is Half Cool Jazz and Half Beatles

In response to Matt Patches’s 933‑word review of Nebraska on IGN Movies

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Patches of Poetry. Poetry of Sir Pitches.

The latest outstanding work of Matt Patches, “A Very Payne-Ful Journey,” is half cool jazz and half Beatles. The work is a beautiful mixture of stylish writing and atmosphere that will surely connect with Joe Q. Reader or Mandy Mae Americana.

The classy Journey has all the essentials for a top-notch review, but is is one of those rare works that transcends general critique and transports the audience to another place. Patches strips all the riff-raff from his writing and focuses on the mood. Nebraska. Americana. Family. It’s a pleasant read simply because of the style and and construction.

Journey will rise to the top of the charts for it’s natural storytelling that consistently mixes in critique throughout. One might even believe they are reading the first chapter of a Patches novel.

The general public will enjoy Journey because of the critic’s ability to gently guide the reader through the story and offer nuggets of wisdom like an old traveler. It’s almost as if one becomes a part of the film, and Patches accomplishes this effect without revealing too much.

It’s the small things that count, and the critic thrill his audience with his analysis of specific scenes and how they affect the characters.

Matt Patches’ Journey is an instant hit. The critic has created a fine piece of art that has atmosphere, content and heart.    

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