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Michael O’Sullivan May Inspire Copy-Cat Writers With “The Brain”

In response to Michael O'Sullivan’s 800‑word review of Ender’s Game on Washington Post

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Michael O’Sullivan lends a personal tone to his latest dynamic work “Ender’s Game movie review: Orson Scott Card’s sci-fi adventure stimulates the brain.” The critic shows care for the audience’s experience, and looks after his readers in gentlemanly fashion.

The full tile of stimulates the brain is glorious and direct. O’Sullivan tosses out a gentle hook with his first light-hearted paragraphs about the morality of war and a discussion with his son. The honesty will touch the coldest of readers, and images of war will move others. The open is absolutely fantastic.

Stimulates the brain is a thrilling roller coaster and the ticket is free. O’Sullivan seems to poke fun at the film occasionally, but always follows up by noting the successes. The critic frequently mentions age, and almost comes across as the oblivious elder, however O’Sullivan ultimately produces a fair and complete review for the reader.

O’Sullivan’s writing is outstanding, and the critic has clearly been around the literary block. Audiences will marvel at the tight prose, and perhaps even imitate the style with their latest tweet. Watch out for hashtag O’Sullivan.

Stimulates the brain  stimulates the mind, and one will likely return to the review for daily meditation.    

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