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A. A. Dowd Is Artistically Awesome in “Dark World”

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Scholars maintain that the A. A. in A. A. Dowd stands for “Artistically Awesome,” and the latest work from the critic only intensifies the speculation.

The artist’s latest web page of knowledge, “Thor: The Dark World” practically speaks to the reader with an electronic voice, or Siri if you’re on your iPhone. The work is truly amazing and must be recognized.

Backstory is a key component to Dark World, and Dowd sets the stage with top-notch storytelling. The critic immediately addresses the big swingin’ Thor which will be appreciated by the greatest Marvel maniacs. Geography is also important to Dowd, and one will whip out their frequent flyer card for A. A. Dowd Airlines as he pilots the reader from Arizona to Asgard.

Dark World will gain a loyal following due to the critic’s ability to engage the reader. Questions are posed for the audience, and the intensity of the writing is matched by its intellect. No sentence is wasted and some readers might even feel the need to copy the writing into their own journal for practice. Dowd’s reach has no boundaries.

The concluding paragraphs of Dark World address the direction of Alan Taylor and the changes he made from Kenneth Branagh’s original version. Characters are inspected with biting commentary, and one will likely chuckle at Dowd’s thoughts on the villain.

To say that Dark World is perfect would be an aggressive statement, but the crafting is definitely high art that one will return to from time to time.    

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