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Duralde’s Review of Kick Ass 2 Is Witty and Heavy With Punchlines

In response to Alonso Duralde’s 532‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on The Wrap

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The knockout punch usually doesn’t occur in the first round but the Alonso Duralde can’t help himself. He begins his review by mercilessly describing the film as both lazy and cynical in a clever, concise, and biting way.

Duralde’s “Kick-Ass 2 review: Whiny teens, no kick ass fun” provides us with less than a glimmer of hope that this film will be anything less than bad.

Alonso’s critique is spot on but he seems to be taking all of his frustrations out on the filmmaker. He does make mention of a few decent performances, but in the grand scheme of the film most will find by the end of the review little redeeming value in Kick-Ass.

Based on his previous sentiments, any compliments he gives to the filmmakers arise from a place of pity as opposed to a genuine compliment.

In a review that is punctuated with punch line after punch line, readers will gleefully smirk throughout this hilarious rampage through bad cinema. There is never a dull moment, and just like any good showmen our performer know when to cut it off.

Duralde is a little shameless in his self-promotion, providing a bio and a reading list along with his review, but if his other content is as good as this one, he can’t be blamed for wanting the world to see it.    

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