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Robert Roten’s “Scope Escape” Is Pleasant but Could Be Tightened Up

In response to Robert Roten’s 543‑word review of Escape Plan on Laramie Movie Scope

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Robert Roten does a fantastic job of summing up Escape Plan in his latest, “Laramie Movie Scope: Escape Plan,” but the critic continues his trend of devoting much of his work to plot description rather than analysis.

Scope: Escape begins strong with a clear opening statement, which is direct with the audience and lets them know what to expect. Roten stay clear of snark and 80s jokes, and one will be pleased by devotion to the craft.

The crisp structure of Scope: Escape continues on in the seconds paragraph, in which Roten offers a bit of humor and a bit of context for the reader to contemplate. Roten appears to have tightened up his writing, although it is still choppy at times. There is a nice flow to the review, and it’s easy to follow.

Scope: Escape doesn’t bore with too much plot summary, and Roten offers analysis during the final two paragraphs. Although the commentary of the critic is rather vague, one cannot be too disappointed as Roten is clear about his thoughts on the general idea of the film, and that one should not take it too seriously.

Roten enjoys the pronoun “he” in Scope: Escape, which becomes a bit overbearing at times. The conclusion of the review offers little for the reader, and the critic could have turned his attention towards the lead characters rather than cryptic statements on the finale of the film.

Scope: Escape is one of the better Roten works in recent memory, and a pleasant surprise.    

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