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JimmyO’S “The Counselor” Makes a Weak Case

In response to JimmyO’s 816‑word review of The Counselor on JoBlo's Movie Emporium

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If such a thing exists, JimmyO would be in hog heaven at a fan boy frat house (where one imagines doing keg stands while cosplaying Iron Man or a character from Akira).

At least JimmyO would be the smartest guy at said frat house. In his review “Review: The Counselor”, he displays a moderate ability to take apart the pieces of a film and look at them critically. He lauds the film for achieving a “certain beauty in this dangerous world”, but derides it as “a lackluster attempt at a suspenseful thriller.”

Counselor starts well (and JimmyO means well), but it eventually dissolves into a bit of a rambling mess. The points start to sound like they came from a forum post; unorganized and written as they came to him. This free association can work sometimes, but not with film critique where organization play a huge part in the success of a piece.

JimmyO’s writing is where the work really suffers. His staccato (and scatter shot) rhythm lends the work about as much flow as a glacier and will give readers that all too familiar start and stop feeling of being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

If the aforementioned fan boy frat house sounds like your cup of tea, this one may work for you. Every one else should look elsewhere.    

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