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Lisa Kennedy’s “Revolutionary” Is an Audition for Common Sense Media

In response to Lisa Kennedy’s 522‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Denver Post

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Lisa Kennedy steps back from the criticism approach in “Hunger Games: Catching Fire review: The making of a revolutionary,” and essentially describes the action and poses a series of questions to the reader. One may ponder if Kennedy is auditioning to be a protector of parents at Common Sense Media. The critic may be unaware that CSM typically provides actual criticism along with descriptions and questions.

Revolutionary is revolutionary as an anti-critique. Kennedy shows a strong rebellion against the idea of critique and appears to have a desire to change the game with a new style. Some readers may question if she actually saw the film due the complete VagueFest that is the review. Director Francis Lawrence is never mentioned once, which is always a problem for a “critique.”

The entirety of Revolutionary reeks of a Friday afternoon review that needs to get online. Kennedy says absolutely nothing about Jennifer Lawrence, except that her and Josh Hutcherson “remain compelling,” What exactly is compelling about the main character? Perhaps the fact that she is the star of a mega-franchise? Kennedy doesn’t explore such ideas in her pseudo-review.

Revolutionary is one half plot summary, and another half of description and questions. Kennedy says nothing of importance about the film as far as actual critique, and simply glides over the characters like they are review Aether. The review connoisseur will be highly offended, along with most who unfortunately happen to come across the review.

Lisa Kennedy accomplished something (?) with Revolutionary, but only time will tell what the real goal of the critic was.    

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