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Tom Long’s “Review: Stereotypes Keep…” Goes for the Knockout

In response to Tom Long’s 297‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Detroit News

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Hot off the presses is “Review: Stereotypes keep ‘Out of the Furnace’ from building heat”, an on-target, surprisingly fresh assessment of a stale premise.

The author is not one for overblown diatribe and excessive pandering, and he doesn’t need to be. The direct  approach suits him to a tee by honing in on the source material and picking it apart like a hungry wolverine until nothing but the bones are left. He sees through the gritty exterior like Superman using his x-ray vision and reveals the underlying theme with such clarity, the audience will kick themselves for not seeing it sooner.

And yet, as focused as his resolve is, he never forgets the importance of the journey. The details and lush imagery he conveys en route are sheer genius, and the plot points intertwine to create an experience the reader will eat up immediately. The result is a product that gets to the point, but in a very digestible way.

In fact, if there’s any negatives to be gleamed here, it’s the length. This piece ends way too soon, and will leave the reader wanting like the subject it is based on. So in this fashion, the charming allure of the narrative actually works against it. On the other hand, this may have been intentional on the author’s part  in order to build anticipation for his next offering.

All told, this is a solid piece that breathes new life into an overused topic. This gifted author paints a picture like only he can, and one that will surely stand out among a gallery of forgeries and lesser works. If only there had been more of it.    

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