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Jon Niccum’s “Midwest State” Is the Story of a Cantankerous Old Coot

In response to Jon Niccum’s 695‑word review of Nebraska on Kansas City Star

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Jon Niccum delivers a quiet and emotional piece with his latest crafting “Nebraska a compelling Midwest state of mind.” If there was a genre category on Existimatum for “Emo,” the piece could potentially crack the top five.

Midwest State opens with a brief commentary on director Alexander Payne and his Nebraska roots. Niccum sets the tone for his hearty review, and one might even light a fire to heighten the experience. The critic loses a few points for being yet another critic that uses “cantankerous,” but his transitional paragraph on Bruce Dern’s Woody is magical. The phrase “Mecca of the Midwest” may result in women of the region getting all hot and bothered.

Midwest State is clearly focused on the cantankerous Dern, and Niccum strays from exploring the character of David (Will Forte). It’s not unfair to say that the simple phrase “well-cast” is unbelievably weak. Despite the Forte letdown, the critic pleases with deep thoughts a la Jack Handey on Woody and all his cantankerous characteristics.

Niccum takes Midwest State to a higher level with his exceptional paragraphs on Alexander Payne. The commentary on the scriptwriting is enlightening, and the biggest Payners may feel disgruntled that he handed over the reigns to Bob Nelson. Overall, the piece is flawed, but the good definitely outweighs the bad.

Midwest State is a peaceful journey, and makes one contemplate the idea of being cantankerous.    

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