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Diana Saenger Delivers a Rambling Rant in “The Counselor”

In response to Diana Saenger’s 367‑word review of The Counselor on

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Diana Saenger, in her sloppy review, “The Counselor”, calls the film, in her only decent analogy, about as “clear as potato soup. “ If Saenger’s review could achieve the clarity of said soup, it’d be a victory.

Instead, readers are left with a haphazardly put together review that goes in several directions but never gets anywhere.

She does criticize the film, but it’s difficult to ascertain for what; the arguments are poorly formed half-thoughts and offer no real insight into anything save for Saenger’s ability (on inability) to fashion a coherent or cogent point. She rants and rambles (she doesn’t like The Counselor, that much is clear) but to no real end; readers are given nothing to grab onto.

The writing, unfortunately, offers no reprieve from the confusion. Sentences are gangly and awkwardly formed and her attempts to explain the plot or characters is a mess of monumental proportions. This makes perfect sense as her one critique of the film is that she couldn’t understand what was going on (which is valid), but readers of professional film critique are looking for more than just a cursory, off-hand, “I tried hard to figure out the real plot of this film, but nothing made sense, so I gave up.”   

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