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Chris Vognar Is Overcome With Emotion in “Sense of Wonder”

In response to Chris Vognar’s 526‑word review of Gravity on Dallas Morning News

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Chris Vognar casts a dreamy spell on himself in “Gravity creates a sense of wonder as big as the cosmos (A).”

Sense of Wonder disappoints early with a strange opening arrangement of words. The content will connect with some, if only barely, however, most will wonder why the error hasn’t been fixed.

The majority of Sense of Wonder feels like a cliché, however Vognar offers a personal twist and makes the review readable. It’s not often that one will see the director and cinematographer mentioned in the same sentence, but the critic does so for his audience, and the feeling is marvelous.

Despite a festive vibe, and an offering of adequate information on the technical aspects of the film, Sense of Wonder fails to provide the reader with any noteworthy information about the performances.

George Clooney is ignored completely, except a brief name mention, and the reader is provided little information regarding the performance of Sandra Bullock. Why the critic fails to address this aspect of the film is a mystery.  

Sense of Wonder is a respectable piece of work, but not worthy of the best art galleries in the world. Readers would do better to seek out a review that is comprehensive and lasting.    

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