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Timing and Energy Make Brian Juergen’s “Will Floor You” a Must-Read

In response to Brian Juergens’s 855‑word review of Gravity on

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Brian Juergens has created one of the best “Gravity” reviews with his extremely entertaining and informative “Gravity Will Floor You.”

First off, the visuals of Will Floor You raise the bar in the review game. The grey-blue background is spectacular, but its the four amazing images throughout the review that makes Will Floor You a five-star presentation. One can’t just drop images anywhere, of course, they have to placed with care.

Will Floor You begins with an outstanding reflection on the film, and ends with a bang that might cause one to run for the nearest bathroom. Juergens uses a classic hook, but it will be remembered by the sharpness of the words.

The critic delivers a thought-provoking soliloquy about his general thoughts on the history of director Alfonso Cuaron, and his expectations before seeing the film. What ensues is a fascinating read, and Juergens continues to prime the reader for more.

Once the critic gets into plot description in Will Floor You, he adds his own personal touch with humor and makes it interesting. The commentary on the characters is fun to read, and the critic also makes some brief but poignant remarks on the importance of the roles.  

Will Floor You has it all. It’s funny, thought-provoking and fair with the audience. The critic acknowledges the good, but also notes the flaws as well—always in an engaging way. Juergens has a unique voice in the modern world of reviews that will inspire.    

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