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Kofi Outlaw’s “‘Ender’s Game’ Review” Is a True Gem

In response to Kofi Outlaw’s 1030‑word review of Ender’s Game on ScreenRant

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Sometimes you come across a review that fills your heart with such joy it’s like finding your soul mate. This is not one of those reviews… but it comes close.  It takes Kofi Outlaw ten paragraphs and over 1000 characters to express his assessment of this film in “‘Ender’s Game’ Review,” and honestly, the time flies by faster than when perusing shorter reviews with less apt authors.

Outlaw iterates the onus of his subject matter so beautifully, it almost eclipses the subject itself. He weaves an extremely vivid tapestry of illustrious detail, tempered with concise points at just the right moments. You’ll feel sad when the review concludes (much too soon), and immediately desire to read it again (perhaps several times).

Rarely do you come across a review worthy of reading more than once-time is much too precious. Only two cases qualify this action: one, the work is so abysmally scatterbrained and/or incoherent, it requires a second pass to decipher the author’s attempt at English. The other case is when the author has such a talent for captivating their audience, their words actually reinvigorate the soul. Outlaw has done the latter. Don’t waste another minute, read this masterpiece immediately. You won’t regret it.    

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