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Luke Buckmaster Pouts and Forgets Basics of Film Criticism in “Fire Movie”

In response to Luke Buckmaster’s 458‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Crikey

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Luke Buckmaster produces a brief and unimaginative review with the uninspired “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie review.” The critic opens and closes by complaining about the abrupt ending, which is a strange argument to make given the well-known content of the franchise. Regardless, the overall critique of the film is simply weak, and does nothing for one who is unfamiliar with J-Law or Katniss.

Speaking of Jennifer Lawrence, Buckmaster waits until the end of Fire Movie to address the lead actress, and does so with one sentence. The only other character mentioned by name is Donald Sutherland’s President Snow, and the critic couldn’t even put in enough effort to acknowledge poor Peeta.

Buckmaster opens Fire Movie with a snarky paragraph on the spiffy terms of film criticism, but he seems to forget basic concepts that are usually found in reviews: performances, characters…direction. Yes, Francis Lawrence is mentioned once as being the director of the film, but the critic is too busy pouting to deliver a proper critique.

At the end of Fire Movie, Buckmaster busts out the big guns by referencing three other films, which is a typical move for one who doesn’t want to work to hard by offering less than five-hundred words. The lack of critique on the actual film is mind-boggling.

Look elsewhere for a legitimate critique that shows commitment to the craft of film criticism.    

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