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Christy Lemire’s “Kick Ass 2” Falls Flat Without Insight or Intrigue

In response to Christy Lemire’s 854‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on

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Christy Lemire’s “Kick-Ass 2“ tries to do too much and goes off half cocked, which will ultimately leave audience’s confused and bored.

Lemire really created a ho-hum review here, and the whole thing doesn’t flow at all.  The write-up starts off with an interesting character outline, and jumps right into things, but once you get past the initial paragraph you can’t help but feel the review should be more about Hit Girl, and less about any of the other characters.

The biggest problem with the review is that it will end up boring you as most of it is fluff. And the fact that the writer jumps from one point to the next without much warning will leave most confused, looking for opinions elsewhere.

As far as actual critique goes here the core of the review is a dead end. It’s an exercise in vagueness, as contradictory adjectives appear next to each other, leading readers to guess at what message they should take away.

This thrown-together review is neither insightful nor interesting.  And as with any story that only serves to confuse, it leaves boredom and apathy in its wake.  Fast forward through this one or eject this bad boy before it even gets started.    

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