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Glenn Lovell’s “Escape Plan” Works, but Is Missing Something

In response to Glenn Lovell’s 420‑word review of Escape Plan on CinemaDope

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You might expect a review from a Wordpress site with no favicon and bare bones design to give you a skeleton review, but that is thankfully not the case with Glenn Lovell’s “Escape Plan”, whose considered and well-written review feels like it belongs in a more prominent venue.

But Lovell is not exactly an undiscovered artist; he’s written for The Boston Globe and Variety, as well as a number of other well-recognized publications. So it really comes as no surprise that his review has all the benchmarks of good critique.

Lovell’s work shines with quality quips, solid writing, and genuine analysis that goes beyond your typical observations to offer something of real substance. He keeps it fresh and brisk, opening with a pitch perfect F. Scott Fitzgerald quote, moving quickly through the recap and getting right to his evaluation.

He gives the film’s actors generally favorable marks, focusing his attention on Stallone and Schwarzenegger, who “play off one another as easily as De Niro and Pacino”. Unfortunately, Lovell focuses on the stars and supporting cast to the detriment of the reader; he forgets to review the film as a whole, forcing one to infer whether it’s good or not, which may just be an unforgivable sin.    

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