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Rich Cline’s “Kick-Ass 2 Movie Review” Gets Sidetracked, Misses Greatness

In response to Rich Cline’s 236‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on

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Rich Cline’s “Kick-Ass 2 Movie Review” is a short, sharp addition to review pages that smashes down on its subject for losing the irony that imbibed the first film.

He provides the plot, he provides the list of characters, and then he provides the critique of why all of it doesn’t work. It’s the usual suspects: no irony, violence played for glamour instead of shock value, but Cline has the insight to know that what’s holding things together is the comic-book style dialogue.  

The review has what now seems like the requisite paragraph of adoration for Hit Girl that, while genuine, is starting to seem like a plant.  

But Cline can’t seem to decide how the scales are weighted: a glorious mess, or a sloppy failure?  The undercurrent which Cline seems to infer, but never focuses on, is that the film is really about Hit Girl, and the sidelining of her in the climax makes the ending seem like a false finish.

Instead of exploring these issues, the review pops a couple of comments on the positive social messages that hide in the undercurrent (social messages that probably ended up there by accident) instead of having these much more engaging thoughts about the film’s protagonist (is it Kick Ass? Hit Girl?) play out. Shame. This review was en route to being something special, but left the main points behind just as they were being made.    

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